Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ubuntu App Showdown contest

Third Ubuntu App Showdown! Contestants will have six weeks to build and publish their apps using the new Ubuntu SDK and Ubuntu platform. Both original apps and ported apps, QML and HTML 5, will qualify for this competition.

Categories and prizes

This App Showdown is going to be very special, because we will have four dedicated categories in which you can participate and win a prize.

QML: original apps written in QML or with a combination of QML and JavaScript/C++
HTML5: original apps written using web technologies, be it pure HTML (and CSS/JavaScript) or with platform access using Apache Cordova
Ported: apps ported from another platform, regardless of the technology used
Chinese apps: apps in this category will have to be original and specific to China and the Chinese culture. They will be judged by two native experts in our jury.
The set of prizes will consist of a Nexus 7 (2013) per category for QML, HTML5 and ported apps.
 Nexus 7
Fig- Prize Nexus 7 

The top two Chinese apps will receive a Meizu device each.

Meizu device
Fig- Prize Meizu Device

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