Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ubuntu for phones

The Ubuntu phone's time, if ever, is now - not in 2014
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And any number of hurdles still stand in Canonical's way, no matter how cool things look now

Canonical has been buzzing in our ears about Ubuntu as a mobile device operating system for a while now. We've seen them tout integrating a solution into Android for a year, and before that they had plans for their own mobile version of Ubuntu that more than a few Linux geeks were following. Today they came full circle and showed off a native OS on an Android phone, getting some of us pumped for the "next big thing."

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But with yet another announcement without a single flashable image, will Ubuntu OS even have a chance?

Canonical, the company that makes Linux-based operating system Ubuntu, announced  new software coming to Android phones that will turn smartphones into computers.

Ubuntu is free software that is an alternative to computer operating systems like Microsoft's Windows or Apple's OS X.

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Ubuntu for phones is a mobile operating system that can be compared to Google's Android or Apple's iOS.

Ubuntu for Android is software that runs alongside Google's mobile operating system. Users will have the option to plug the device into a monitor and keyboard, which will turn the phone into a computer.

There may be new possibilities for quality, affordable computing by turning people's smartphones into computers by using Ubuntu for Android.