Sunday, October 28, 2012

Microsoft launches Smartglass for the Android platform

Microsoft launches Smartglass for the Android platformRemember all that SmartGlass hoopla at E3 earlier this year? It appears that Microsoft is moving rather quickly on this initiative as the company has published the app on Google’s Android store.
SmartGlass is Microsoft’s take on the whole tablet and game console tie-in everyone seems to be trying to do. Nintendo has its Wii U which will come with a tablet controller, and Sony has the whole PS Vita cross-play initiative with the PS3.

However, SmartGlass is still in its infancy as Microsoft did make some grandiose promises of being able to interact directly with the Xbox 360 for some cross-play action with the Xbox 360. Examples given were features such as the ability to look at an interactive map of a game while playing real-time on the Xbox 360.
While SmartGlass really doesn’t do much in the gaming front yet, it does appear to do pretty much what the existing My Xbox Live app does plus a little more. The previous Xbox app did allow you to modify features and interact with your Xbox Live account. However, SmartGlass takes things one step further by allowing you to  customize your avatar and track friends more closely.
If we can now just get Sony to roll out its PlayStation Mobile app for the rest of the Android devices.